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Intense Christian Entertainment (ICE) is a separate company from XrucifiX/TGS that Mack, Pat, and myself have been working on. We're close to finishing up except now we need a storefront that'll integrate with our software client and also be viewable through a normal web browser.

I've been accepting bids for the ICE storefront on (project ID # 265991). If you know someone who could do a good job for relatively cheap (which is all we can afford) that'd be great.

So far the lowest has been $1400 USD from an Indian company. There are other US-based companies who say that might be able to match that (or at least get close). Although that bid is low we want to make certain the quality is high. So we may not necessarily go with the lowest bidder.

We'll keep the bidding open for at least another week since we're still finishing up the ICE client itself (don't you love those last minute delays?).

Qualifications and Experience Required
Primary Skill: Websites-Database/Ecommerce (Dynamic)
Secondary Skills: Flash for Websites, Internet Marketing
Type of Website: Entertainment / Music / Films
Additional Skills: Integration with client software and specialized database interface.

Digitally distributed video games, music, movies, and books. More sections for merchandise, other software, and customized computer hardware.

You will need to sign a NDA for further information.



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sent PM, not sure I can help


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sounds awesome whatever it is.... i wish i had the required skills.. i could use a couple extra bucks.. hehe. good luck on finding someone to do it for you guys.

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