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I'm thinking of asking for a book on C programming as a belated Christmas present from my parents (long story, I'll tell you guys later). However, I've only ever found one good book on C, and that's a book called 'C by Example'. So, before I made my request I wanted to check with all you wonderful C programmers out here who have much more knowledge than I do, and might be able to offer a good title (or titles) that would be superior to the only example I've seen thus far. Many thanks in advance for you help, and Merry Christmas.



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that's nice man,i do most of my coding in c++ but i'd recommend the book written by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie,they are the creators of the c language itself at bell labs,the books name is "the c programming language" anyways here is the link:

i hope you find it useful,if you want ebooks,i found a great collection the other day at there are lots of ebooks there and this book is one of them.

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About 90% of the time this question is asked, everybody says "C By Example" so I would say your pretty safe with that. I have a copy and it has served as an excellent reference.

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