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Hey everyone,
Looks like i am going to be doing a online multiplayer bible trivia game for people to call in and try to test their knowledge of the Scriptures and to chat and so forth. Right now i am thinking that the first version will be text based. I would love some help so if you know C#, and want to learn the MITE multiplayer text game engine, ask me about it. I hope to have top scorer and fastest responder and a few other catagories. Got any suggestions for things we can let people rank themselves on? I will have catagories of scriptures, such as Salvation, Love, Jesus, etc. The player will have to several ways to figure out the scripture such as fill-in-the-blank, unscramble the word, guess the reference, etc. All these and more are possible. Thanks to HanClinto for letting me do this with his engine. I am still doing a graphics based game but waiting till XNA gets outta beta first i think.


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You can also go the route of by the books -

That gives you a variety of topics



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Great idea riflefire!
I was once thinking of doing Bible trivia board game in php but didn't have the time. But anyway just wanted to encourage you on this. And I think that God's promise to Abraham and the hope he had, alone is pretty good picture of God's grace and salvation. It was about hope of the promised land that he could not see yet and the sacrifice of the lamb that was required.

God bless.

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