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drop note at if you'd like more info. this project WILL change the world.
*i have a basic multiplatform messager shell together now, but i need to have someone add various abilities & an autofilling 'brain'*

Description: must be multiplatform/autoconversation filler type 'bot'
save conversation that i've had, and autofill that in the future with
exactly the same conversations. ie; at first it would be almost
useless, just recording everything i say.... but eventually, after
200 conversations or so, it would be incredibly useful - especially for
small direct conversations.
when it doesn't know what to say/autofill, it should pop up a menu,
and either A) let me finish the conversation or B) let me put in a
sentence or two & let me send it to another part in the conversation
(shortcut) - when i answer conversation, it should be able to run
perl/other scripts. ie;
saying 'my name is chris /key' could save the conversation as 'my
is chris', and then /key could be an operator that could either be
defined there or elsewhere - possibly saving the operator itself in
the save file to be used in the future as well.

i have a couple of different multiplatforms that i've been suggested
to use - this project does not have to be from scratch - dont care
how it's done as long as it gets done.

1) it should be able to be multiplatform (aim/yaho/msn/others); I
A MULTIPLATFORM BASE that i think would help that is written in perl.
2) it should be able to save conversation & autofill; pop up a menu
when it doesnt know what to say for input
3) it should be able to have multiple conversations at once; ie
complete conversations even as it's awaiting my response to a
question.. even if it has 2 or 3 windows up & awaiting my response.
4) it should be able to use perl/other commands; shortcuts to parts
conversation in particular
5) ease of install would be a big plus
6) should have the ability to look at and edit the database;
something fairly easy to understand
7) it should pop up a menu when it doesnt know what to say
8) should be able to save each conversation topic as a 'brain', and
able to start a new 'brain' easily as needed that can be switched
between quickly.
Required skills: perl or other language useful for the project
Contact information: - contact me for more
info!!! :P

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Hi Rebelofhonor -- welcome to CCN! We hope you enjoy your time here.

I'm trying to get a better handle on what you're hoping to accomplish -- is this basically a sort of "chat assist bot" that sits along side you, notices how you reply to things, and then helps you fill stuff in later so that you can chat to more people faster?

I'm trying to understand the selling hook of the project. It all sounds good, I just want to know what feature(s) you're emphasizing. What's your purpose statement? In one sentence, explain why would someone leave their normal chat program (such as Jabber, Gaim or Trillian) and use yours.



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Sounds interesting. I don't have the chops for it, though. Is it for advertising?