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Greets all. I'm trying to learn Blender and use it to replace Truespace 3.2 as my primary 3D modelling, level design, and animation program. However, I'm finding it difficult to locate anything complete and fully coherent as far as how to use it practically and efficently. Are there any exceptional resources for learning Blender that any of you would suggest?

P.S. I've tried Blender: Noob to Pro, and it helped some, it just seemed very incomplete and fragmented, so I'm searching for something that might be a little more complete and logically arranged.


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I have found the resources over in the Low Poly Coop Help Centre to be very useful.

I really liked the tutorial Texturing Basic DTS Files With Blender 2.4

Also the Projection Modeling Tutorial might be helpful.

I've mainly dealt with texturing and not modeling, so I don't know how good those modeling tutorials are. I know the texturing tutorials are top-notch though.



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Do you know this site (wiki):

Not exactly tutorials in there but close and good for reference at least.

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