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Hey Everyone!

Yeah this is a oldish help wanted post but I am still looking for someone that knows C# to help me get this game going. I also am changing the email for contacting me about this. Contact me at or just reply here to the message. Thanks.

Also, Hanclinto is now in the process of releasing the MITE mud/moo engine as Open Source on You can get a current copy there under the project name MITESERVER. Right you have to get it via the sourceforge SVN system till he releases a file download. Its nearly ready for a release copy but still has abit to be done to it. Or i can send you a current copy.

The old ad message posted below, slightly edited, is still what we plan for TheWayMUD.

Greetings Folks,
I am writing to you all cause The Way M.U.D is in dire need
of programmer(s) that are exprienced in coding in C# (C Sharp).

I am using the MITE Engine that HanClinto developed and it
requires the M.U.D.text adventure game itself to be coded in
C# scripts.

Once again, The Way MUD is the science fiction/Christian friendly
Multi User Dimensions Text game.

There have been some major changes in the game structure since
I last shared with you all.

Perhaps the greatest change is that players can no longer hurt
other players. Players can only HELP other players or call for
admins to deal with unruly types. We hope to code up some
scripts to automate some of the things that deal with controling
cheaters and foul language players.

Also, we have a major change, in that, we hope to code up a
outerspace section to the game whereby the players
can shootem up with robotic alien ships. BUt note, if a player
does destory another players ship, then 1) they get negitive
experience points till their ships disintergrate and 2) perhaps
the greatest thing is that the other player no longer dies. Just
his/her ship is destoried but the player himself is sent safely
home to earth in an escape pod.

There are also plans for christian oriented scripture based
"combat" against the Evil One and his forces.
This spiritual form of "combat", employes a modified version of the
LLOM (Little Light Of Mine) battle method from the Demo Mud
database in the MITE engine software.

Also planned are mini-games for the players like bible trivia, a
fill-in-the-letter-till-you-guess-the-word bible word game,
and other games like hide-N-seek. For those players that want
to wish to combat with ray guns and fistcuffs, there will be
robotic lifeforms from an invading galaxy to fight against.
However, once again, once a player gets sufficently injured
against these robotic opponents, they get beamed out, by the
network of orbiting safety satellites, to medbays in orbiting
ships for medical attention.

We also plan to witness to players thru a
website/forums, in-game via the admin players, special room
echos, various locations in the game such as churches, thru
unkillable NPC, thru special christian oriented/moral quests,
and regular bible study via player bibles coded into the game,
in a meeting room in-game.

Its our hope that God Jehovah will get the Glory and that the
Good News of the Gospel and Jesus will be shared with the
mudding population thru this game.

Its my deepest hope that Jesus will be pleased with the
newer version of this text adventure game.

An finally, as stated above, we really need C# coders to help
us out a lot. If you do feel led to help us, please email
me or reply here.

Thanks for your time,


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