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Hello there everyone. I have been using these forums for a while and well, buy viewing my post you can see this is my first post. I love taking ideas and making them into something. I am writer by trade and love story telling. I have been working on a word for an MMORPG for the last 2 years, been messing around with a lot of programs (Still donít understand them), I have decided that they only way for me to do this is to get a team together. I can tell there are a lot of people out there making small mmoís, little teams of devís. Well I would like to start one. Before posting to much about the game I would like to see who is all interested in helping, get your name in the credits, even if it is from one character model to a whole zone mapped out, I would love to have your help.

Some basic Info on the game.
Factions: The game evolves around factions, what classes you can be and where you can go.
Deities: Deities are important, especially for divine casters and divine healers.
Classes: Unlike most games, this one will offer a wide choice of classes, I will not say the amount atm, but more the 24. All very special.
Races: Just like the classes there are a lot of race, not as many but more then most MMOís.
World: The word is huge, containing multiple realms that can take a adventures several play session to cross.
(These are only a few of the thing I am look to involve in my game, Knowing that I want it to be made from mostly freeware [Other then the cost of the server that I will have running for it])

Current Openings in PRE PRODUCTION:

Project Director: Someone who knows the ropes, knows programs to use to create the game, will be my right hand man or woman

Art Director: Will direct all the artist involved by making sure everything fits and looks like it will work.

Model Artist: These people the will design all the character models in the game, including players, monsters and npcs.

Building Artist: These people will design all the structures for the game, including shops, banks, houses, hall, castles and anything else that is build.

Terrain Artist: These people will be responsible for laying out the massive maps that the players will beable to adventure through.

Props Artist: These people are incharge of bringing forth the armor, weapons. Jewelry and items that may be in buildings, camps and anywhere else through out the world.

Programming Director: Will manage the programming depart and make sure everything moves along smoothly, incuding spells, abilities and armor and weapon types.

Class Programmer: Will bring meaning to the many classes in the game, and make them unique, incuding spells, abilities and armor and weapon types.

Race Programmer: Will bring life to the many races in the game.

Monster Programmer: This person will program all the information for the many monsters scattered through out the world.

NPC Programmer: Will bring life to all the NPC, working directly with the quest editor.

Item Programmer: This person make the items for the game, including weapons, armor and anything else player, mobs or npc might use.

Quest Programmer: This person will script all the quest into the game.

Director: Will direct the stories and make sure they are fluid and understandable (THIS SPOT HAS BEEN FILLED)

Quest Editor: Will help write and create the many quest the game will need.

Race / Class Editor: This person will work directly with me and the class and race programmers in making sure all the classes and races are special.

Writer: That would be me, the story teller.

Well I think that covers it, if not my Project Director will help me balance them out. I hope I can get as many people as I can, I am looking for people that love making games, writing stories, doing graphic art and just wasting time cause they are bored. So please if you wana help just e-mail me. I will not be interviewing cause I donít need to, however I will ask some questions to the people who will be interested in the Project Director position.

Of course there is no pay, for the game will be free, but who knows. I really thank you for reading my post and hope to see you aboard.
(However my goal is to eventualy charge players $5.00 a month to play, however the game would be no profit and the money would be donated to a charity, perferably soe sort of foundation that supports kids in need, the kinda kids that don't get a chance to play video games, thus the reason I picked to post here

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Welcome to CCN

Are you a Christian? What religion are you basing these "deities" on? What level of quality of art do you expect?


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Just a suggestion. If you want an MMORPG to succeed the use a fighting game combat system. Everybody is sick of point and click mmo's already.

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I like the idea of a combat system that is unlike any others, one that takes a small amount of skill, and to awnser the question before, I am christian, but the game is a story of fiction, not of fact. there are the gods of of the elements. And for the art, just enjoyable art... something you can look at and play, I would like 3d but i/ve been thinking on the idea of implamenting 2d graphic over lay models, kinda like those you would see in street fighter or mortal combat, with a 3d world. But All in time will tell. Still looking for help on this so please feel free to e-mail me or drop a post here. Thank you!

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