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Hey.. iam a noob you could say.. as too this forum. But anyways i am trying to make an MORPG, I am a modeler/director of game.... And so far ive made about 10-12 models.. Ive been working on it for like a week now, we have only have 2 modelers 1 director and were in need of a programmer :\. The reason I went ahead and started the game without a programmer is because I thought "hey ill work on the game while I search for a programmer". Instead of being lazy. Anyways I need a programmer thats the conclusion. Oh yeah and a modeler would help if anyone out there can model animals/humans. And an Artist would also work out great. Anyway, yeah thats my big plans lol. This game my take 1 year to 2 years, and will be freeware and dosent pay! Another thing is this gane may not be released, although I have strong hope for it to be released as freeware. Your reward as programmer would probably be, getting too be admin in the game. So yeah thats my goal .If anyone can help me out here please email me at Ty for reading this^ hope you can help. @people who would liek too help in modeling please dont make high poly models, just simple ones for an MORPG.

TY sincerely ME!

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Hi and welcome to CCN!

Making a MMORPG - even a simple one - requires a huge deal of time to just design it and lot of experince in game creation in general from the whole team. I'm just saying this in case you dont have previous experince because many people attemb to create MMORPGs but fail because they did not know what it takes to create one. So I hope you have design document at least because it is going to help you to form a team when people know what kind of game you are planning to make.

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