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Hello, my name is Tom, and am the project lead on the game Truth. I am very new to this website, so please be kind if I screw up.
Truth is based on the end times. Here is a summary of what it is about
(note that this is not the finished article):

It is current day. A S.W.A.T squad is sent to what appears to be a distress call from a resident in the rural areas of Nevada (which is, rural). Our character, James Ascroft , apparently, he has suffered a loss (which will not be revealed yet) and has split off from his faith (which is Christian, of course) The distress call is real; an extraterrestrial is at the scene, and is trying to make contact. But when Ascroft thinks God really has no purpose, he is wrong. The 'aliens' are not what there appear to be, and their message is 'there are no gods, you are gods.' And then what appeared to be the saving of humanity is the damnnation of it, really (pun intended, the word was used Biblically) The aliens are demons, and when the government, and all other citizens dissuade him, he is only left with his loyal squad. Then comes the question:

What is the Truth?

I'm sure we all know that answer.

The game was origianlly a RTS, but then change to 3D Person because it just wouldn't work. The codename of it before was Strategy X, but that has change d now to Truth.
I have spent months on websites, asking people whether they'd like to help, even non-Christian websites, and not much help there. There five people on the project, including me.
We're all not genuises here. The game will be developed using Darkbasic Professional.
I will come out now and say that I am only 12. So that there aren't any secrets. How can someone of that age make something like this? Through God, anything, and everything, is Possible.
I hope the game will come out into the market, and I assure everyone that I will make the game the best it could ever be, or I will not release it. I want to finally give a name to Christian developers, and by God's help, I might.
Right now, the team needs artists and people who know Darkbasic. Plus anyone with website experience could help too. I will be willing to accept any help, no matter how big or small.
Thanks for your time,
Tom B.

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