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Coders/3D Artists / Level Designers Needed for 3D Bible-based Opera – rdecosta


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No, it's not VeggieTales. :) Biblios is a very ambitious Machinima opera project. (Machinima is the art of using video game engines to create movies).

We're looking for people skilled in 3ds max and Unreal/Doom3 to create the content for what will be a LIVE opera performance in these game engines. We need:

Scripters/Coders (UT2004/Doom3/HL2)
Concept artists
3d modelers & Animators (3ds max)
Texture artists
Level/static mesh builders (UT2004/Doom3/HL2)

All positions are volunteer until the performances and/or DVD release, at which time a royalty payment system will be in effect.

I'd prefer people in the Portland, ME area, but that is not a requirement. Please email me with any questions.

Richard deCosta