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TO use Blitz 3d....or not? I'm a c++ programmer (well like most of you know that) and I'm learning alot. Though I know it will take a while to make a game with, should I just by Blitz 3D to make my first real 3D game with while learning c++?

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Well, I find Blitz3D excellent. If you are a solo (or very small team developer), I just think building a game using C is gonna take way too long and probably dishearten you too much. My priority is actually producing finished games and I think Blitz3D helps me achieve that. If your priority is to get a job as a games programmer, then probably better sticking with C.

On the downside though, it will never be as effecient as a custom 3D engine built just for that game. It uses Basic which many people do not like, although personaly I love it (and yes, I have programmed in C too - although professionaly this was mainly scripting and PERL etc). It only supports DX7, unlike DarkBasic which supports DX9. However, I find DX7 sufficient for everything and believe that Blitz is more stable and easier to code than DB.

Also, their is a new version called 'BlitzMax' just released with much better OOP. Currently the 3D engine for this is still in development though, but should be DX9!

I have never regreted my purchase, but I would check out Torques offerring first (it has dropped in price recently). Oh, and the Blitz community is VERY helpful and their are tons of tools and code snippets available.