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I own an Advertising Agency and we need Professional Programming help.

Our current requirement: I have looked through many scripts, both freeware, and cost, and hav not found exactly what I want. I have a client that would like a program created to enable people to take online courses.

I have looked at Pilot Online Training Solutions, Digital Scribe, etc. For a good example of what the client likes: They are not trying to outdo anyone, but provide online courses to members, with the option of expanding to non-members later.

-It would have a teacher / student login area.
- Registration with a Payment option [ created by the "teacher" through their admin ] as some courses will be free and others, not.
- Also, an interactive section where students can talk back and forth in their admin area and within their course study only.
- Needs to also have the ability to limit the number of students [ teacher can have unlimited, or specify a quantity.]
- Course dates : the classes will run on certain dates, so the teacher can have consecutive courses on the same subject - limited to 20 students, and people can pre-register.
- Email validator with login/password. when the student signs up, their email is sent a validation code. Also, their login and password are sent once the email is validated.
- need to track their courses and have alisting in an admin seciton.
- It should be very similar to a University, with the exception - no grades, or attendance.

I am looking for pricing and time frame. And although my preference is PHP, if you think another programming language is better, please indicate why. I need a professional, intense program, so don't try to "cut corners and costs". Also, if you can give an example of what you have done programming wise, please let me know.

I am trying to find 2-3 professional programmers for several projects and a continued long relationship. Joint Venture would also be an option - you build and we advertise, promote, market, sell.

NOTE: if you are NOT able to provide help at this time, then please do not post and tell me you cannot help. I need programmers that are profesional, honest, timely and are able to provide a long-term working relationship, and be able to monitor, update, and fix program bugs.

Thank you for your time


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