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Hello my wonderfully nice people that like to help people learn stuff!

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Would anyone be willing to help me learn OpenGL or DirectX? I am looking to learn graphics programming so I can actually make some games. It seems like all the books and internet sites that I read just confuse me more and I don't really learn wanna help? Also, how can you add audio into games?

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If you want/need to learn all the low level 3D stuff then I'm not your man. However, if 'all' you want to do is make 3D games then why not check out some of the languages or engines with it already built in? There are quite a few out there ranging from 'point n click' gamemakers to high level programming languages.

Personaly, I use Blitz3D. It does not take any flexibility away but it does all the 'low level' 3D stuff for you.




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For OpenGL help, I suggest starting with the tutorials at and then asking questions here or in the nehe forum (located via that link) about the specific stuff you are confused about. We could put together a simple OpenGL tutorial here as well, if you think that would help.

For audio, DirectSound (the audio part of DirectX) may be the most common. Other options include OpenAL, FMOD, etc. Or even just the Win32 function "PlaySound()" for very simple stuff.



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To backup what BrianT stated, OpenGL does not support audio, so you will
need to use a library to provide sound in OpenGL projects.
FMOD ( is nice and easy to use. You will be able to sync
graphics with audio, which is a very nice feature, (others do the same

I would suggest learning OpenGL then move to DirectX. OpenGl as a much
lower learning curve that DirectX. Once you get the "feel" for developing
graphics, move to DirectX.



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Why don't you just try 3D game studio

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