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What kind of projects are people interested in? – Kickaha

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I'm just interested in the kind of game projects people here are focussed on, to see if there's much overlap with where I'm looking to.

Genre-wise I'm concentrating on Adventure games. Other genres are good, I play RPGs. But Adventures being less combative seem perhaps more Christian? OK opinions vary I'm sure.

Platform-wise anything I work should run on both PCs and Macs. I'm a Mac user, but most of the target audience are PC users.

I'm more interested in getting something out of the door in what spare time I have, and having fun, rather than being bleeding edge technology or trying to emulate commercial games.

Freeware hobbyist games with a Christian flavour rather than Bible quizzes for the faithful.



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I'm working on an a christian FPS game with puzzle elements to it. Certian goals that have to completed before the level can end.
Based on the post-rapture church.

Hope that helps.


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I'm not working on any specific games directly, but I'm working on several game-related things:

1. taking a OpenGL course
2. building a fairly basic 3D engine (in conjuction with the above)
3. finishing my Shards of Heaven screen saver (3D stained glass, VERY cool)
4. designing and starting development on a non-game-related 3D commercial app, with an accompanying basic 3D editor. I may need a couple of competent modellers in the next several months.




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I like what you're thinking, Kickaha. I have personally tried to jump into several projects around here, but (1) I've never been overly interested in the type / genre of project that's being worked on (too much 3D FPS type stuff, and I'm but a simple database guy that wants to learn game development), and (2) I just don't have tons of time to commit. I like adventure games, though from a story standpoint it might actually be a lot more work than you'd expect. What style of adventure game would you be interested in doing (3rd person King's Quest, 1st person Myst, 1st person 3D, etc.)?

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Hello Eric,

The gamelet I've done has been a Myst style 1st person point and click 2D affair. I'm not a graphic artist and used digital photographs (of my house) for the scenes. If you're curious see for details.

I have ideas for another similar effort but am also interested in at least exchanging ideas with other people. You can get some way armed with a digital camera - a number of commercial games have been done using digital pictures. There are authoring packages out there which will make doing a 2D game not too intimidating or time consuming.

Regards, Peter.