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Hey Guys, If you've read the posts about FountainStnoe Online, I mentioned we'd be releasing information about of line-up of games.

Solid Ground Software (c) -PS: Whohoo Finally got a company name registered and such, Domain will be up soon .

I would like to announce our Winter 04 Lineup of PC/CDROM Games.
The following games are games in production by our teams and will be released Winter of 04. Beta and Public release dates are listed. Some dates are subject to change.

Winter 2004 Games Line Up
(a) Fountain Stone Online:
A Christian Online Role-Playing Game - Take control of your character as you set out to defeat demons and tricks of the enemy while searching for the lost "Fountain Stones", from the city of Gold! (Isometric)
Private Beta Release: Ongoing
Public Beta Release: Monday, September 20th
Public Gold Release: Wednesday, October 20th

(b) Edge Paintball:
Enjoy an Online Paintball experience! Create an account and join one of the game servers, splat your friends while earning some ingame cash and winning some games. Games like Survival , Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing etc. Build up your "Splats" to earn ingame cash which can be used to purchase gear, guns etc. Get on the top 10 rankings for "Hours played" "Splats" , Join or Create online teams for Team Survial Matches! (2D) - Sneak Peak Screenshots Released Mid September
Private Beta Release: September 27th, 2004
Public Beta Release: October 27th, 2004
Public Gold Release: November 15th, 2004

(c) Solid Mini-Games Package 1:
Minigames including, Multiplayer Card Games, Single player Card games, Games for PocketPC and Palm OS, Kids Bible Reader, Monster Blaster, and more...
Public Gold Release: December 1st, 2004

-In Christ
-Solid Ground Software



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congrats on having three titles out this year--sugoi ne (that is cool)

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