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need to hire a blitz3d coder! – homer



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hi, ive been messing with existing 'xfighter' code in b3d, i can do pretty much everything except the movement, i havnt touched blitz for 8 or so months, now i want to get back into it. what i need is somebody to write the movement code for me, i need it to be realistic, so if you know how and are willing to do it for a reasonable price please email me,




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Im guessing that you mean the plane flying movement, if I had a few books on it and was better in Blitz3d (only been coding for 3 months in b3d (1 year in b2d)) I would help. Hmm maybe your better off asking on:

Im sure someone would be willing to help.




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I'm about to learn how to do helicopter physics for a side project of mine which may turn into a Christian game. Just coincidentally.