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lets say i wanted to do something like open something with fading text...
i can either write the code in the main program, or i can write a seperate file and include in the main program... since the text would only appear at the beginning of the program, would it be better it include??? or does it not even matter???


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I think the writing in the main program is better cause if you included the player can open that included file and see what had you writed and he can steal your code so all my games and programs are not included i write everything in the main code i hope this helps

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let's say you wanted to use this function elsewhere later on in your project and you also wanted to do a bit more with it, like add images in the background for credits or something.
if you stick it in with your main code you have a big mess just to run the text effect. if you write it independent of main then you can include that file as often as you like.
it is good practice, imo, to break up things like that from your main code. pieces like your fading text can be used alot. anything you can do to help organize your code is good, especially if you want to use it again on another project.

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