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I am a project leader of a small dev team and we are producing a game called Infintum: Ęternus Veritas.
We are a group of people who are serving the Lord in the production of Christian video games. Infinitum is a RPG which involves action and strategic elements. The goal of the game is the quest for Ęternus Veritas (Eternal Reality). Infinitum is not a 'non-violent' game. It involves combat.

More info available upon request.

I am seeking anyone here who is willing to help out(non-paying). You don't need to devote 24/7 to this, if you have a few hours a day you'd be willing to commit, then that'd be great. All we ask is that you stick to your word and work according to what you volunteered for.
We need:

programmers c++
Modelers and skinners
2d graphic designers
artists (conceptual)

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hmmm... interesting. Paladin Software(my company) might be able to help. However, we won't be able to put much time into it (i.e. School, other games we are making). But we might provide some assitance.

We'll think about it.


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