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Well I have been working my tailend off! Just so you know my house is below 40 degrees farnhight right now durring the middle of the day. My wife and little girl had to move in with my dad for the mean time. As for me I tagged along. I would rather be up here in the cold working and playing games... however I love my wife and kid so I spent time with them.

Game Construction:
The team im with are busy trying to make a starfox kinda game. BluePalidin and two others besides me are on the team. Ive been working on 3D space ships. Im getting much better at skinning and I finaly figured out how to do transparncys right with TS.

Book Work:
I got back to working on my book finly. I have to many great ideas for it so I have to work on it again. I am also thinking of wether or not I want to releses it as a public domain book. Sorta like Charls Dickens and other writers. They have been dead a long time and now their work is owned by the world. I would just be hurring the inebitubul. Still I think I could make cash off the book so im thinking about stuff.

Lots of DRs to see and that keeps us away from the house a lot! My little girl has two holes in her heart. Then a blood pipe (cant remmeber correct turm) that goes to her heart is to small. There is an 80% chance that all of this will heal all on its own acording to the DRs. I have faith that she will be fine and will grow up to be healthy.

My pains have been extra bad here of late. I have been doing a lot of stuff around the house to try and help out. It's costing me

I will be going to cort March 5th. It will be over wether or not im to be aprroved for dissablity. If im not I simply apeal again. Personaly I dont really give a dang right now other then that I would like all the paper work out of my hear. Also cash is very tight, we cant afford a car much less insurance, our baby needs takeing care of, and I feel very useless because I cant get a job. Needless to say this is all very stressful and hard on me and my wife.

My book didnt go through compleatly on the copyright. There was an issue about Illistrations. You cant copy right sertan kinds. So I had to fix that and it has been a head ake in itself.

So I am doing all of this stuff but my wife and I want to get our hands on some things. Like our own house with running hot and cold water/hot and cold air/room for us and our kid/our own car/the ablity to upkeep all this. I could go on and on. I trust God will take care of us. We are fine right now and we have been well taken care of. Still some things in life would be nice to have.

So thats why im not on all that often. I do come by here a lot. I just thought you guys had better things to do then liston to all of my head akes and beyond

God Bless

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Hi Angel
good to hear from you !

It sounds like your no. 1 priority is to get a top job organised, have you got any interviews lined up ? My brother had a terribly miserable time at home, when he was unemployed

he really went through the mill because he felt "useless" and got it in the neck big time from his wife
she made his life hell at home and told my mum that the only reason she didn't "chuck him out" was because the "kids seemed to like him"
so it's a great stress all on it's own

judging which job to go for, is also a minefield of course and no easier with disability
well let us know how you're doing, 40 is pretty cold for a house, so I guess you're saying you can't afford the heating bills, boy that hurts

my daughter also has heart problems
she has been wearing a recorder for 2 weeks that shows all the body readings

she has just returned the heart monitor to the hospital and now has to go the local Dr for the results

seems to be a heck of a lot of ppl born nowadays with heart defects, there must be a reason or maybe this has always hapened, we just didn't know years ago to get worried over it

from your old mate
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