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flight sim – homer



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anyone ever done/worked on a flight sim? i modified the movement code from a bb3d sample and got things going well but bb3d cant do everything i want...
im going to be using rc3
i have no idea how to start, i suck at maths...
anyone here ?




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There's a lot of maths - you'll have to know vectors quite well, so you can simulate the forces. Gravity, lift, drag, thrust, etc. In order to make a realistic flight sim, you'll also have to know something about the "flight envelopes" of the planes - they determine when the aircraft stalls, when it reaches its maximum speed at different altitudes, etc etc.

You'll want at least a strong background in Algebra, and some familiarity with physics for a basic vector model. The more advanced stuff might require some of the higher maths.

It might be better if you joined an existing flight sim project - FlightGear is open-source.