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I left a little information about the game on the message board of the CGDC group but it will be a game set in the not far future.The whole purpose of this game is to Bring souls into the knowledge and power of Jesus Christ love.How we will accomplish this will be both impressive and through. People playing this game will have a experience unlike any game out there but I have prepared since the very conception of this game every thing the player does will set them up with a encounter with God.And will teach biblical and Life lessons through storytelling and (story living)(<---new word haha).Anyways dont want to make this too long winded i will have alot more info about the game setup up on the private forums for team members.
All this weekend i will be updating info on the game and will be introducing the game to everyone so if theres not much there at first check back often there will be

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Welcome to the CCN! I look forward to checking out more info on your project!

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