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The World English Bible

The World English Bible is a an update of the American Standard Version of 1901 into modern English. This audio Bible can be legally copied and given to others.
I found the whole Bible in mp3 but ive never heard of the World English Bible. I was wandering if some people here could give me some peace of spirit on this Bible. I dont want to be listoning to something like the new politicly corect Bible were God is an it and so was Christ Jesus.

Thanks for the help.

Oh the web page is

2Samuel C6 V14, Psalm C149-150, Ecclesiastes C9 V5, Ezekiel C2-3&C39, Matthew C6 V25, Luke C19 V11, 1Corinthians C13, Galatians C5 V22, Ephesians C3 V9, Colossians C1 V16, 1Peter C3 V3, Revelations C10



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I don't see why it would be, why not download it yourself and see.
if something is wrong, then trash it and say that the translation schools.

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I was thinking of making NIV audio bible in .ogg, will it be illegal?


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Yes, making the NIV available in ANY form without aquiring a license to do so would be illegal. It is copyrighted material (and it ain't cheap to license it either).

If you want to publish scripture in any form you must stick to translations that have come into the public domain (KJV, ASV, Darby, Young, Webster, World English, etc.) or pay the licensing fees for other versions. Publishing small excerpts is allowed, but each publisher will have their own policies on how much is too much. Check with Zondervan ( for details.

I checked into this stuff when I was creating the online bible tool for my web site.

By the way, my online bible (at does NOT use the World English Translation, not because I think it's bogus but because it's incomplete. My understanding is that it's a work in progress and it has a ways to go before its finished. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.




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i believe its pretty stable now... most books are in the final or 2nd to final phase , and you can buy printed versions from amazon.. so its pretty stable..

it's not my favourite translation but it is quite balanced and not heretical from my point of view.. and i like its license - it often saddens me how i just can't reuse say the new living etc... though when a bible organistation uses their profits from us westerners who can afford to buy lots of bibles if we want , to translate and distrubite the bible into countries/cultures that don't have a bible, then i am very happy..

a really good free bible software package is e-sword

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