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I am currently looking for a talented team of christians who are looking for an exiting project to work on. Child of the commander has massive potential to penitrate the secular market, by appealing to the christian market but not overpowering its veiws making it palletable for non-christians.
I am looking for a completely new team. You must be dedicated and talented. You don't need previous experiance but it helps. If you are interested email me at: -or- -or- -or-

The following is a short extract from the design ducument. Interested applicants can request for the whole document. The doc is at its primary stages and will be updated soon.

Where does the game take place?

The game is set in a futuristic battle for a mind. The planet is under one rule in one city, under darkness. You are part of a rebel group fighting to rid the city of the demonic infestation plaguing the people; putting them under bondage, and making them live hell. Your cause is to set the Commander back to his rightful place the true ruler of City-01. You are sent to free the people and confront the corrupt emperor Ba-al.

What do I control?

Your name is Saul; you are a solider in the army of the Commander. Set free from City-01, 5 years ago you have been training for the time you knew you would need to return. You are a finely trained machine, an expert at intercepting and destroying demonic strongholds. You return to City-01 not only to destroy the darkness but also to confront your nemesis and one time close friend, Ba-al.

How many characters do I control?

You control Saul in a first person perspective along your journey you will also be given control of beasts that have been a long time dead, intensely advanced land cruisers and also have the opportunity to control your own team-mates.

What is the main focus?

The focus of the game is Saulís journey of himself. City-01 is actually his mind, oppressed by demonic forces holding him down dominating him. Saul is himself in his pure state; he is everything he was meant to be, unstoppable, he represents the soul . But the twist is his ex-friend, Ba-al is in fact Sauls dark side personified, he is what Saul would have been had he not went to fight for the Commander, Ba-al represents the flesh. The focus is Sauls journey to win back City-01, to reclaim his mind from the clutches of darkness.



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What engine (programs) are you using?
What do you need? (textures, sound effects, levels)
Iīm not a programmer!
Just curious!