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Hi all,

Me and Angel are workking on a mideval rpg together, but recently i have gotten a few really good ideas for a futuristic MMORPG. And yes, i know alot of the hurtles, such as servers, support and marketing. I'll give a few of my ieas, and see if anyone wants to talk to me about working on them ^_^

The world is not earth, but the natural laws (gravity, phyisics) are like earth's. The galaxy is open to anyone with a ship, other then small port fees, and many planets have been found to contain life, and sutible environments to human survival. Computers, Mind-Controled-Robots (MCR's), and regular hand to hand (melee and small arms, maybe some large arms) combat sytles exist. Mostly the galaxy is at peace, other then territory struggles, and the main reason for conflict is market rights. Rival companys are alowed to use any method to increase their sales, an act that the coalation of governments passed in an age of stagnant economics has become the chief events of the current. You start the game by picking alegence to a company, a merc group, or a government group.

-Anti-evolutionary propaganda: When deep space flight first was made practical, explorers went from habitable world to habitable world. Each world had the same plants, and animals, and humans. 100% match on all characteristics. there is only 2 solutions: 1 spaceflight in the anchent past, or everyhing evolved everywhere at the same place, in teh exact same way. after world after world of similar cultures of humankind, all the same mulecularly, but with vastly different cultures (all advanced, no cave people, thats a myth), the explorers could not deny that evolution was not just improbable, but impossible. Leaving only one theory, Creation. Creation is now comonly accepted, but, since humans are thick headed, it does not follow that they belive in a personal relationship with Jesus. They make up all kinds of Gods, but the fact remians that evolution is abolished.
-no polution: in this futuristic society, all polution problems have been solved with various equipment. Water is filtered, scaned, demoleculised, and remoleculised. Air is filtered. all energy is made by clean sources. vehilces run on clean power. Robot governmental workers keep everything clean. of course, not all planets accept these "intrusions on there society" and therefore have polution on some worlds.

-MCR: fully cutomisable, there are several companys who make them. Each companys mcrs are fully customisable, and parts from the same compy are completely interchangable. they can be augmented for flying, deep space, underwater, on water, and ground combat. too much tpo o into in detail, there generally bought by companys to attack each other.
-Hand to Hand: when the mech operator needs to aquire somthing from an oponents facility this might be an option. or maybe you just want to walk around the shoping district, and some thief pics a fight. regarless, this is another form of combat.
-Computer: fully expandable harware and software, hacking into opponents networks, purchaseing spoftware, downloading free software, even playing games, this is hard to sum up. i want it to do about as much as a computer now, such as playing music, writing notes, email, ect.

Ok, theres a taste, gotta go to work, or i'd add more, anyone think its a good idea, email me at

John Stimson AKA Veritech

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sounds intriguing.



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I'm New to the MMORPG idea... though I have a story that may be suitable.

I like the idea of a RPG with that type of Setting... really I have a script that's in that setting.

Q ... what type of help are you looking for... i have a Script that would Mold into your Ideas in a lot of ways and in a Few ways there would be some Changes to my ideas but I'm willing to change them if as long as my story is told..... of course the Script is a starter and I only have about 40 pages as of now out of an Expected 200 page story(that's just a General Goal. nothings set in stone)... but I love your Concept. wraping my storyline at this point may take some time. but if this Fit's any one of your needs Email me
O your MCR's... I have the same Idea in my Story... though they arn't lagre machinical Robots that you would think of as in Mechs but more of there being about the Size of your Forearm fitting from your wrist to your elbow. the way I invisioned a battle would be through Hand to hand Contact or Combat in that general sense. they produce Micro bots durring Battle to invoke Physical harm with Various types of Elements not just limited to the Four elements normally associated with Games.

RPG. Sorry but I have to stick to this strongly. I know that your talking about an RPG but the last time I didn't say it a got alot of First person Shooters talking to me and I felt bad when I had to turn them down.