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Okay, I need anyone who can help me make a game. Anyone from the Artist to the Programmer. Below is a basic idea for my game:

This game is about a young man named Lucas who has been called by God to help spread the Word of God, which basically through many years of war has been lost. The Bible in my game is referred to as "Mystical Book" and no one knows the true name yet. When God first appears to Lucas, he is astounded and knows not who is talking. Lucas thinks that this voice is the voice of a great God. After this point in the game, the player has many paths to take. He can choose to follow God's will for his life, raise a family, build an empire, become a warlord, or any combination of these. If the player decides to do one thing, he can always decide to do another. My goals for this game are incredible and even I consider most of these goals near impossible. Then I think of what it says in the Bible, "Nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37. That means simply I can do anything if it is in God's will for me to do so. My game, I believe, really has no name. At first it was "Quest for the Lord", but soon I realized that if there are many paths, the game takes on many forms and their is no real precise name yet.
The game will be 3D and will have different camera angles for different modes of play. Camera modes can be changed manually to suit the players needs. The game is single player but it can also be multiplayer on or offline. One major disappointment in most games is the creator of the game usually makes the player do exactly as he is told, like when reading a book there are no other paths to follow. Players want to do anything and everything that they decide for themselves. So my game will give players that choice. In my game, God comes to Lucas and tells him to do something, but he still gives the player free will. The player can do whatever and go anywhere he wants without a boundary. One consequence to doing this is that time still goes on and the player can lose valuable information on what is happening in his world and what he is supposed to be doing. For example, in the beginning of the game, saphlyn bombs are launched from another continent. If the player is in a location, which could kill him, he will die if the bomb is too close. There are appropriate consequences for different actions. For example, say the player decides to leave his friends and do something else, and later in the game one of his friends die. The player might have been able to save this person if he went with his friends. Also if the player does not do what he is supposed to be doing, God does not bless him, and probably will punish him. The player can go through the whole game without doing one single thing that he is supposed to and still go on to the next "state"(game).
The game can actually change from an RPG to another genre. For example, say that the player decides to make a town. He must find people in different towns to help him build it and become citizens. When he has done this, the game becomes a sim game and the player becomes the leader of the town. As the leader, he decides what is built and where. If his town develops enough to become a city (has a castle), he may eventually make an empire (has an army). Then the game becomes a strategy game and the player has to defend his kingdom from any threats. The player can also do anything he wants: like raise a family, become a knight, become a warlord, build a town, make a business, mine, become an explorer, and maybe some more. My game is a lot like a "choose your own adventure" book. Making the game fun for anyone and everyone.

Now just so you know the ideas above are not permanent.

By the way, the game will be high end 3-D, Open-GL, and coded in either Java or C++ (hopefully Java). Also if some of my ideas seem far-fetched tell me with an answer on how to fix it not just "Hey, thats a bad idea it will never work!"

P.S. I have written up a 33 page (still incomplete) book on my game.

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I can't help you here, but let me tell you. Get prepared for LOTS of hard work!

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