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Our company is called Bearfoot Technologies and we are currently looking to finish putting our team together. We have all the artist and sound crew that we will need. We are lacking severely in programmers. We had a few that seemed interested, but due to their lack of dedication and support we are forced to remove them. We are looking for someone that is extremely dedicated to the team. We are currently talking with a number of publishers. Two seem interested and we expect one of them to sponsor us on this endeavor. Should you decide to join, we will send you a nondisclosure agreement so that we may feel comfortable in sharing the details of the project with you. Once we obtain that we will send you out a contract. Payment arrangements will not begin until we have a signed deal with a publisher and have received the funding necessary to begin this project. If you are at all interested in pursuing this endeavor please contact us via this e-mail address. We look forward to hearing from you.

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ICQ # 158000032
Bearfoot Technologies

P.S. Why we are called Bearfoot Technologies is because in college I was called Bear and my wife came up with the footprints poem so we decided that would be a nice subtle way of incorparating God into our company.

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Bearfoot Technologies


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Welcome GameCypher.

Wow, you actually have artists and sound guys!?! Congrats!

I've found getting any dedicated people is a blessing and so far Rich has been the best blessing I could receive. I do have an artist that can help but not enough time to do a real project.

I'd volunteer for your project but I'm not much of a programmer. Plus I'll be super busy until the conference is over. Speaking of the conference, I cordially invite you to attend and also do a poster of your company and/or project to share.

Do keep me in mind in the future as I am a "professional" beta tester, can even send a testing-specific resume if you'd like. Either PM here or Email me at

May the Lord bless your endeavors.

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