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Mud needing code for Ministry – Chaz

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I am the owner of a mud (multi user domain) This is a game that I have been developing with my team for three years now. In the mud world when I started there was no Christian mud within the realms of the huge mud world out there. We use a smaug codebase that was stock when we got our hands on it. From there we have been tweaking and building in this game a Christian layout that does not offend or make nonchristian uneasy while there. Our focus is non Christians, I hire Christians to work in it and this allows Christians opportunity to meet and learn how to minister to nonchristians on the internet and mud world. I personally have two goals that has been with me from day one. Provide a place for Christians to minister where others have not before. And train people to work with nonchristians on the net and learn tools so they can minister and reach other people in other places.

I need a couple of coders to help in this adventure. I have one head coder that would oversee any code added into the running mud. Outside of that you would be able to create learn, and definitely have a chance to make a impact in areas you never dreamed of. I currently have two coders who are young and need direction, they need someone to invest and help them along, so whoever checks us out would be placed immediately into a position to help others and have your work and care live on forever in a world that even to this day is untapped and is considered the underground world of the internet. If you want to truly use your talents to reach and win people to God, please know that the fields are plentiful in this position. Chaz Rainy,



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Good for you. However, all I can offer is my prayers. May God bless your ministry and your life.

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I wish you good tidings with your project and that you'll find what your searching for.


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