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i found this site in my bro's favorites and i need help. it seems yous are in2 web stuff so could sum1 pls pls help me and tell me where i can find like website layouts which you can download cos i wanna set up a site for christian teens. pls help im despar8!!





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Don't know about places to download website layouts, but if you want to look at existing christian sites, go to

This place gives you a list of around 200 Christian websites to submit your site to, but at least you can quickly see what is around and see how they design their sites. It may give you ideas.

Hope it helps.



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What exactly were you planning on putting on this teens site you speak of? The chances are very high that there are already several Christian teen websites out there that are similar to the one you want to make.




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Well I must say in the end it would be nice to have yet another Christian web site out there. When I go to search for them on enguins they seem to be rair and far in between. Most the time I come up with trash that some moron made. If you really want to make a good site I dont really know any other way but to study how to make it. Reading peoples source code is one way. If you are useing IE just click View and then at the bottom of that should be "Source". That shows you how the page was programmed. If you can luarn how and what all of it does that is one sure way to do pages that you like. Another good way is to get a sisdome that does the work for you. Front Page is nice ive worked with it befor. Still HTM is good enough for me. So best of wishis to ya mate!