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Topics to cover at the first Christian Game Developers Conference – graceworks


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If God blesses a Christian Game Developers Conference to happen, what topics do we want to cover? JoeG started what is below in a separate thread. I'm starting this new thread to make sure this thread is visible. Please post any ideas you have. Or discuss any provided.


I think some important topics would be,

Discussion on the effectiveness of games as a media to share the Gospel-this topic is general enough to include a lot of what we've been talking about here (i.e. "Where does one draw the line between the content that goes into a Christian game versus the content that goes into a secular game).

Discussion on the various ways to fund a Christian project-this discussion could go into detailing the similarities and differences between seeking capital for a secular game and a Christian game.

Discussion about what the state of the industry is-...or if it even exists. This could also be about consumer awareness (the Christian and unbeliever consumer) of Christian games. Maybe could discuss also how to increase the profile of the Christian game industry (like the Christian music industry). Some people who have had experience with marketing Christian games would be very welcome in such a discussion.

Discussion about design-this discussion could analyze what went right and what went wrong with games that have been made in the past (opportunity for nostalgia, if it exists). Also discussion could take place about the different genres that exist and are available to a Christian game designer (C.S. Lewis, Magic, Bible Trivia, etc...). Naturally one would assume that such a discussion would progress to talking about different ways to design games out of the box and brainstorm about how to create new genres.

Discussion about the technological aspects of Christian games-this discussion would take on the problem of small (possibly virtual Internet) teams creating engines and content for their games. Discussion could center around the various pre-made engine technologies available (including a run down on which gives the best bang for the buck and so on...).

Discussion on small team dynamics-Some people with experience could help explain how to manage a small team and so on...

Then we can discuss other things like walking the theological tightrope and so on.

To cool off, it would be best to plan breaks in the schedule to accomadate maybe a few hours of playing games with each other and talking about sports or anything other than Christian games

I've tried to keep the above topics "linearly independent" (meaning that they don't overlap with each other too much), so what else could we stick in there or do we need to split some apart?


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Demo of first game is available at Jarod Journey's Web site. Second game is in storyboard stage.



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These discussions would greatly benift any Christian gaming team.