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At StaticSpartan's request I decided to make a thread so newcomers can introduce themselves and maybe give some info about themselves (maybe faith\belief system, what you do that's coding related, etc.).

So I would like to welcome any newcomers to the board and encourage them to post here

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We had a couple of these a while back, but people didn't come fast enough for it to be valid, so I think we all just made our own announcement threads. (I think mine was called, "I'm a new Creation!". Welcome X1 and Welcome Spartan.

MM out-
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Thanks. I'm new, kinda easy to guess. I'm not much into coding I mainly came here because it's a Christian site. The main reason I'm not into coding is because I really don't understand it. But I do a little computer animation, I'm still learning that. So...Thanks for the welcome.


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Welcome to CCN chief!
Hey, there's a lot of awesome people here who aren't coders. And your mad-animation skills could be just what someone here needs. Although that doesn't mean we won't try to teach you how to program resistance is futile; all your base are belong to us! hehe

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This is Sparta! Aaaaa!

DAZ Studio does a great job of animating and it's free. The models for it are not free, but the starter kit is free and contains some models. It's kindof a PG-13 site -- there's some models that are wearing bikinis and stuff. And a person needs to be spiritually careful if using it because of the possibility of nudity.