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Let us presume that everyone decides to split up and do separate games. One suggestion I'd like to make is that even though you are creating separate types of games that everyone can develop an overarching world or theme as a group. Each game would touch on the overall story from a different viewpoint.

For example, if the overarching story is a global depression combined with terrorism/crime one game would be Camper Wars. Another game could be a FPS in the same setting...perhaps have terrorists attacking a camper war destruction derby event as one level. Another is a puzzle game where you play the role of a military general. The puzzle pieces represent troop movements, terrorist attacks, and the like.

Perhaps the Wiinja Roman Gladiator concept could be shifted into the future. Coliseums and death matches have been resurrected in a very Christian-hostile modern EU government that treats Christians like Nazi Germany did the Jews. The story between the main character and previous army-buddy friends would essentially be the same, except updated in modern terms. Perhaps the main character used to be involved in camper wars as a hobby. Or the events in the FPS could be mentioned.

The key is, each game tells a part of the story. In order to understand the entire story, all the games must be played. I'd suggest that there be a story that is more coherent than merely sharing the same backdrop. Perhaps it's never stated as such within the games but the context for the story is the time right before the coming of Christ. Each game in its own way refers to coming events and indirect reference to what has happened. Perhaps Camper Wars could end with news that a "giant battle" is about to happen out east and the government is recruiting. This would be Armageddon but it need not be directly referenced. Camper Wars could be focused on its "campy humor" but still make references without becoming too serious.



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Good stuff, Gump!

Very neat idea about having games with intersecting storylines -- this is intriguing.

In the larger picture -- I would really like to see more active development of storylines on here. For example, I've been pondering the Wiinja gladiator story, and I'm pretty interested by it -- I'm not totally sold on it yet, but I would like to see it developed more.

As a game developer looking to increase the quality of available games, one of the big things that I'm looking for is a good story (and subsequently game design) to latch myself onto. I'm not much of a writer -- I'm looking to enable someone else's dream.

In this regard, I would *love* to see some storylines get developed and refined in the community. If it would help, please feel free to use our Wiki to post and communally refine the world.

Gump, would you be interested in championing a Wiki-fied version of your gladiator story, so we can refine it for possible inclusion in a future CCN members' game?

Originally posted by gump:
Camper Wars could be focused on its "campy humor".

*pun shudder*



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Not sure if this is exactly on topic.

How about a Garden of Eden type scene. And on each tree have different games instead of fruit. Each tree could have all the same game or the same category of game. Think this could be good for dealing with a large variety of backgrounds while keeping some context. Maybe have the back story be something like:

God decided one day that Adam and Eve needed some variety in their activities and diet too prevent them from getting bored in Eden so he changed some of the fruit in the garden into games they could play by eating them.

And the storyline connected games could be worked into this while still keeping the option for games that don't flow with a given storyline. Maybe have something in the scene say that certain games are best if "eaten" in a certain order or "eat" this one first for connected games.