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Hello Christian Coders.
I am a 12 year old christian boy wanting to learn how to program. I am new to these forums, we found them because my dad and I were wondering how to build a habbo-like christian game.
Since I know absoulutely nothing about programming do you think you guys could give me some tips and pointers on how to get started? I dont know what language I am going to learn, so I have no experience with any coding language.
God Bless:

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Cool, welcome to ccn!
you can try out

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well first off you should keep in mind that programming is not something you can learn in one day and that most probably it will take a while before the game you have in your mind becomes reality.

With that in mind you should figure out what tools you need. I'd recommend against using a programming language/toolset that comes with the promise of speed. What you need is something you can use without too much headache.

There might be people that will jump in saying things like "real programmers use C++", I wouldn't worry too much about that.

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Hey ChristianKid. Great to see you found us. bwoogie's recommendation to use GameMaker is a really great idea. It's a really terrific tool to get you up and creating a new game in no time. The tutorials and on-line forum help are fantastic! Keep in mind, GameMaker is really geared towards 2-dimensional games. Great for arcade or platform style games.

You may also want to check out our recent speedgame contest. Several members of the site competed in a contest to create a game in 2 weeks. You can see the games on that web page.


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ChristianKid, hello!

Gamemaker is a great way to go. If time permits for you, you can also begin to learn an easy language at the same time, like visual basic.

You can learn alot just by reading some of the forums here on CCN with your dad.



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Hey ChrisitanKid (and dad :wave !!

Welcome to CCN! I started off my game programming with Gamemaker and then branched into GML, the GameMaker programming language. From there I moved up to Blitz3D and some C++ stuff.

In real life at my job I use a few .NET languages and some older ones like VB6, VBScript, ASP, which *could* be used too but I just like learning new things too

I think GameMaker would make a good starting point as it start off easy and to add features you can begin to dive into programming.


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Thank you guys for all of your replys (Man you guys are fast! ). Thank you for suggesting GameMaker, I am currently using it. I also have a question, when is the next CCN speedgame contest?
Again, thank you and God bless!

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Next year around the same time bro, welcome to CCN




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and welcome to CCN ChristianKid.
Programming needs lot of patience to start.

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welcome to ccn! there are some free programming books on wikibooks, like java and c++. there is also a book, game programming for teens, that teaches you how to program in blitzplus, which is a good language to start programming in. hope this is helpful!

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Welcome to CCN!

just a recommendation, start small, then build bigger.
programming can be very difficult if you start trying to make something big right away, but if your willing to take the time to learn how to program first, you'll be able to do much more (and with less of a headache )

definitively try some online tutorials for something like GameMaker
if you and your dad have any trouble figuring something out feel free to ask for help here

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