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Do yourselves a favor and do not click on links in the story if you are logged into any Google services.

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Good thing I only use Gmail for non-personal stuff (most of the time). Aside from Google Docs, Gmail/GTalk, and GDocs/GCal are the only things I have to worry about.

Offtopic: I see the G prefix being used in a lot of products. Anyone expect to see a gPhone or a gPod soon? What about a breakfast serial ( ) called gEerryO's? Or perhaps Google will supply the military with gUhns?

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lol, cpu. a gPhone?

As for the security flaws, that's just natural growing pains. The real test of a company is how quickly they can patch them; something Micro$oft doesn't do well at all.

In the mean time, just log out when you are not using google.

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