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i've got a computer setup and it's based around the asus m2n4-sli board. my problem is everything works great, except i can't find ram that will run in dual-channel mode with this board. so far i've tried wintec ampx 1gb kit, and a-data 1gb kit, and both will register 1gb of ram and work fine, but not in dual-channel. i'm looking for a 2gb dual-channel kit, preferably with heat spreaders, but i'll take anything that will work correctly.

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Just to cover all bases; make sure the RAM is in the appropriate place on the motherboard. Most boards will run dual channel when RAM is in slots 1 and 3 but check the manuel to be sure.

My personal favorite vendor for RAM is Kingston; I've had hundreds of machines over the last 3 years built with Kingston RAM with barely any failures. While it isn't anything uber special it runs solid and stable, which is my concern; I'm not much of a overclocker. Right now my machines at home are all running dual channel with 'vanilla' Kingston RAM.

It's so inexpensive right now it's retarded. The price will start to rise closer to Christmas however.

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