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Man, That was a shock... – bwoogie



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I can't believe it. Today, My favorite forums (other than this one of course) closed.

That's right, Nintendo closed down their NSider forums today... For good. They for some reason think that just because they are redoing the site they have to close the forums down indefinitely ... I was a member since 2003 and had just reached over 13000 posts this last weekend. Many people had way more than that. It just doesn't make sense to me how they can just shut down really, what I think is's lifeblood. I have no reason to go back to that site for anything.

I guess my biggest pet peeve is all the time I spent on there and just to see it all get flushed away... I know it was a waste of time in the first place.. But to see it all just go down in smoke. I guess, it kind of wakes you up... errr.. ok, sorry. Now I'm lechering.

I wish they would have at least announced that they were going to close them down so we could say our goodbyes...

~~~boogie woogie woogie~~~