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ok here is the thing on that other thread "monster hacked" crazyshone i believe got offended with what i said and i thought for myself i have been offended with lots of people before and it did me more harm than them so i don't want anyone to get harmed by getting offended.

moreover on other threads many times i have been in a way bold and i confess and admit before all you guys i have been a hypocrit by saying stuff i didn't live up to myself.

and i also admit that some of the stuff some of you guys said has offended me
and i really don't need unforgiveness and bitterness in my heart right now i have my own set of problems so i have let go of the offense i had beofre and whether you accept it or not i have in a way forgiven you guys(the guys who called me names and all that..) so the thing is now i don't want anyone to have bitterness against me and if you do and you decide you just don't like me and don't want to see me around here at ccn i have made this thread so that whoever has something against me my say it out loud and as i have said on that other thread "monster hacked" i will ask the admins to ban me from ccn if they don't i'll just stop posting around here.

so i want you guys to choose even if it's one person who is offended like
cpufreak or crazishone or anyone who has clearly been offended or anyone that don't want me around here for any reason i don't know i will give you the opportunity to ban me and free your self from being offended.

keep in mind i still hold on my beliefs and some of the stuff i said( although i have changed my mind about certain stuff since some of you made a good point).

so choose
a) ban spade
b) keep spade

this isn't just a regular user thing even the admins can choose.

and if you have any comments those are welcome too. in the mean while i will continue hanging around here until i see your choice

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you're part of the pack.

They're will always be infighting and arguing (keeps us sharp), but the only people we'd ban are trolls and hippies (well, I'd bring the banhammer on hippies).

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B, of course. I really don't see any reason to ban you. You're enthusiastic. Inquisitive. And you just seem to be trying to better yourself as a software developer, which, to me, is one of the main aspects of this site.

I would like to see periods at the ends of sentences and capital 'I' when speaking of yourself.

I do hope the 'monster hacked' conversation can move to PM. It is not really something for the general community to read.



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I don't care what you do, but I'll tell you that I don't think you've offended anyone.
You didn't offend me anyway. I did insult your intelligence, and I have apologized for it in my way. You'll notice that as much as a jerk as a can be on one thread, I might compliment your work on another. I try to be fair, and I do acknowledge when I can see that I'm wrong. (Check out the faith/"brainwashing" thread) I essentially admitted that I don't have my own thoughts together right now.

At some point you may grow to appreciate people who are honest with their intentions and clearly convey their meaning.

I recall a situation a few months ago where I told mene-mene in one thread that he was arrogant, and in another that he was very intelligent and bound to become even more so.

I don't change my way of communication for age, gender, race, or religion.

Spade89, nobody is going to ask you to leave. In fact, most people on CCN would be more likely to toss me out than you. I'm not a member of the Bible Club.

About the monster thread: "in person" means just that to me. Taking it to a PM would serve what purpose? Does the idea of conflict bother everyone so much that a dispute must be carried out with whispers and fake smiles?

Spade, since I denounced some things about you publicly, I'm going to publicly give you my opinion in full context: I respect your work, I respect you as a person who can think for himself. If I thought you were a moron, I wouldn't bother arguing/debating with you. I agree with you, arguing is when it gets personal and goes into ad hominem. Is that something we should be afraid of? I don't think so. I disagree with you on conceptual points regarding the nature of hacking - I don't dispute your skill in programming (or whatever you like.) I admire you for not giving up in the face of opposition, and I appreciate your full responses.




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thanks,nice to see you aren't offended too much(or not offended at all)



I would like to see periods at the ends of sentences and capital 'I' when speaking of yourself.

I do hope the 'monster hacked' conversation can move to PM. It is not really something for the general community to read.

I am not too good at grammar and syntax to be honest i think i think i might have forgotten some of the punctuation and capitalization stuff (lol,and i am in college) you would be amazed if you saw my handwriting i remember when i was in 7th grade/8th grade there were times when it took me a whole line to write a word like "understanding" i guess i chose the right path when i wanted to be a coder. i remember when i was a kid trying to decide what i would be when i was a grown up at some point decided whatever i am going to do it's best if it involved the least amount of handwriting so that was one of the reasons that pushed me to be a coder and that was one of the factors that gave me passion for coding since nobody see's your handwriting but i guess i should watch my grammer and all that .

but what do you mean when you say capitalize the 'i' s you all the i s or just the ones at the begining of senteces? i didn't watch punctuation too much on this post too but i woud try to improve.

and about the monster hacked conversation some of the stuff shouldn't be said in public thread but i kinda agree about being open with what crazyshone said at the end of his post.

now that i have read your post that settles what i had assumed your intentions were .

this is why i made this thread so that we would clear stuff like that out
when i see either you or anyone else respond like the way you responded in threads like "monster hacked" i can't help it to assume that you were personally offended and if you were i didn't want to bother either you or anyone else.

but i guess my assumptions were wrong,glad we cleared that out.

you know the one thing to watch out here is to respect one another which apparently you have.and i do respect what you guys have to say but the moment we lose the respect we have one to another things get out of hand even if we have respect to each other and we fail to show it.

i do like your boldness,and it's good that you admit you are wrong at times
which i think is a great thing to do.

as i have said before i might have said some stuff in the heat of the momment which might have offended some people(specially in one of those warsong threads) so i apologize for that .

but all in all i am glad i got things cleared out with you.

as to everyone else ,if you want to choose you still can

John 14:6

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.



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This should have been kept to your own personal emails, if you have a problem with someone then discuss it there. If it escalates via email then bring an Admin into it.