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{review} Captain N the Game Master. – super angel steve

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Welcome all to my classic Animated show reveiws. Now the reason I'm doing these reveiws is to give ya'll a little taste of yesteryear.time to get started.

Captain N was a Cult classic in the 80's and still is today. The Show Lasted 3 seasons and has thousands of Fans.

Name: Captain N: The Gamemaster
Company: DIC entertainment
Air Date: 9/9/89.

Kevin Keene,A Calafornian Teenager gets sucked into an Alternate Galaxy where his Favorite NES Heroes{and villians}are Real. there he becomes Gamemaster and helps his heroes save the Galaxy from Motherbrain and her Brainless Minions.

The hero of this series is "Captain N" Kevin Keene,the Co-leader of the N-Team. The Team is made up of Princess Lana{a parody of palutena from kid icarus},Pit Icarus{from pit icarus},Megaman{from megaman},and Simon Belmont {the castlevania hero},and soon Gameboy{a super computer who joins in season 2}. The N-Teams Enemies are made up of Motherbrain{metroid},The Count{castlevania},Dr.Wily[megaman],King Hippo{punch-out},and Eggplant Wizard{kid icarus}. Captain N has some very cool abilities. For Instance that thing he has on his belt may look like a simple NES controller,but in reality it's a device that can make him jump higher,run Faster,and move quicker..It can even Stop time. Kevin also has a Zapper that looks like the old NES gun. In Each Episode Mother Brain acts like the Typical Villian{ie. making up new plans to kill the goodguys and/or rule the universe each day}.Each episode is a different Action Adventure in Videoland.

This Show is Great,though I must warn ya some of the characters look{and often act}differently. Simon Belmont looks like a WWII Fighter Pilot and acts like an Egotistical Fabio. Megaman is Short and Green who says Mega infront of almost every word. Pit Icarus looks good...It's just his "-Icus" problem that bothers me abit. Motherbrain looks hideous and nothing like her Metroid Counterpart{btw she's voiced by the same guy who voiced audrey II on little shop of horrers}.The Count looks Ridiculous. Dr.Wily is a midget. King Hippo is light blue,and Eggplant Wizard looks Perfect. Despite this and some of the Plot holes,this show is very entertaining.This Show Lasted 3 seasons whith season 3 being the shortest and worst animated. This Show is Now Availible on DVD.

Animation and Artwork: Good{season 1},Great{season 2},and Poor{season 3}
Sound:The Sound Efects were great.most of them come from NES games.
Voice Acting:Excellent, I love the Voice acting{motherbrains especially}.
Music: The Generic Music is good. some of the Tunes come from different NES games. There were also Guest Music. Season 1 had 80's tunes,while Seasons 2 and 3 used their own.
FunWatch: Yes.It's very Entertaining.
Rewatch Value: Not Bad. You'll return to this show often if you love 80's Animation.

Well that's it for now, This is SA Steve Signing off.

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You should start a blog with this stuff. It's an entertaining read and I'd definitely add you to my feed reader. I personally like WordPress but that's just my opinion.

Anyways, I've never watched Captain N but I've heard quite a bit about it. Being born in the 80's I don't remember much besides TMNT and Captain Planet.