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Welcome all to my classic game reveiws. Now the reason I'm doing reveiws for classic games is to give ya'll a little taste of yesteryear.time to get started.

Today,for my first reveiw,i'm gonna be talking about the REAL game that made video games popular...PACMAN.

Name: Pacman.
Company: Namco???
Release Date: ??/??/83.

The Object of the game is simple,clear the level of those 'dots'{by eating them}while avoiding 4 multi-colored ghosts. Collect the Big dots to make the Ghosts vulnerable for a couple of seconds{meaning they can be eaten}.Also you can eat Fruit for bonus points.

Originaly this game was only available at the arcades,but due to its popularity it soon made it's way to the Home Consoles..starting with Atari 2600.

The Graphics were from Good-Crap,Depending on which version you have. The Sound was excellent for a game of it's time{the atari version had no sound}.The Game Controlls were Good. The Music was Non-Existant..unless you count that jingle the game plays before the start of each stage. The Challange of this game is Normal. The FunFacter of this Game is'll grow tired of this game after awhile.And the Replay Value doesn't exist.

The Best Version of this game to buy is the Arcade Version{the NES version is a close second}.

Well Thats it for now,I'll be back with another reveiw next time.

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In my opinion the best version was the coffee table version of it. my uncle still has one, glass tabletop and all. it had a control spot on either side so back in the day you could take a date out, play some pacman and have some dinner all in the same spot

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The stand-up Ms. Pacman is definitely one of my top five arcade games. If you aren't too sensitive, there is a Penny Arcade comic that deals with this subject.