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Well I'm semi-bored, and I thought it'd be fun to see what people come up with. I'd like to see some random poetry any type you want. Light Critics allowed. Preferably stuff that you made up on the fly, but some premade stuff is ok.

I'm listening to code monkey remix for first time, so Its in my head.

We like Code Monkey.
Although he kinda funky.
Code Monkey like fun.
Unlike Atilla the Hun.

Are you crazy about Game?
Although you like fame.
Many like money.
Some think that funny.

Coding quite cool
Can be for a duel
Writing it on a can
Using it for a fan

Programs soar
Virus like moor
Printing for speed
Stop signs no heed

Code Monkey has large heart
A Assembly he no fart.
Code Monkey like to fly
But he not like to Die

Lol, that was made up on the fly. I think my fav so far of the entries was speed monkey not because of Kenman being the one who wrote it, but I felt it needed speed. It would have been cool to switch up speed though. Like slower for boring meeting, faster for the rest type stuff.

MM out-
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