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Hey guys, I know I haven't been around much at all... for a long long time. (I don't know If you all enjoyed that or not...) but its not because I've lost my love for creating video games. The programming just got to me, thats all. Me no good programmer. Too hard for RM. Grunt.

AAAnnnyyyywayyy... I'm planning on a major comback... next year. /0_o

Next year, (next SCHOOL year) I'm taking classes at the Jr. College near me. About what?
I'm going to take a class on Game Design (which I'm already pretty good at... my programming just wasn't up to scruff...) and another one on Modelling. (not the runway kind... you have got to be kidding me)

So next school year I will be flooding this site with: Game Desgin documents, Level designs/level models, Character designs/models, and whatever else I can do. I just hope that I'm going to get really good at that stuff...

see you all soon... I hope!

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