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Google April Fools' Day prank – Calin



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I couldn't stop laughing. [URL=


"There's actually a thriving little underground community that's been studying this exact solution for a long time,"

"And today, our Toilet ISP team is pleased to be leading the way through the sewers, up out of your toilet and splat right onto your PC."

That's rather funny (the fact that it's from Google makes it funnier, you won't expect a joke like that from a multi billion comp)

P.S. Does anyone know why my linkify code above doesn't work and this works Hello
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Could be the link is too long(I've seen that happen on other forums).

I think I'll stick with my regular DSL service, thanks.



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Sure, I passed that link around at a few forum sites on Sunday morning, it was their best April fools page so far.