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i was wondering if anyone has d/l and burned fedora 6 to a dvd succesfully? i've tried a few times on my dad's laptop but it doesn't burn, but i'm asking because my dad's laptop has a lot of issues so it is probably just it. so before i d/l a few gigs all over again i want to make sure it's just his laptop(i'll be using a different computer this time).

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When downloading a file that large, it might be worth it to you to run a CRC or something similar on the file to make sure that it downloaded properly.

It looks like Fedora provides a SHA1SUM file, which is something very similar to a CRC check. There is also a post about where to find a SHA1SUM program for Windows.





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what are you downloading it with?
i've dl'd fedora before, but i downloaded the cd version (3 cd's)
a few weeks ago i downloaded ubuntu dvd and that worked fine, but that doesnt really matter for you.

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Why Fedora?

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