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Lol, I got a server error from Jester's thread as well.

Originally posted by jestermax:
as they're generally full of lies

Also the Linux commericals make about as much sense as the Mac ones, I think instead of saying "Hi I'm a PC, I'm a Mac, and I'm Linux" (however order they say it), they SHOULD be saying "Hi I'm Windows, I'm Mac OS and I'm Linux". Because obviously, it's M$ that Linux has a problem with, NOT a PC, Linux is on the PC.

Just like how the Apple commericals automatically takes hits at PCs, while making the PC guy *similar* to Bill Gates. When they should be taking hits at Microsft, not the PC, but Apple dislikes both right? That's why the Linux commericals are even worse, because it's the PC users they are taking hits at, not the Windows users, it be associated with Windows, but they use the name PC.