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Do you ever have those slow moving projects? Even if you work on it a lot, it just seems like nothing gets done on it. That's how my current project is going. Even though I haven't been working on it like I should be, it seems like I can code and code, yet I haven't written anything. Know what I mean?

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Yeah I know the feeling. I'm currently working on something, doing everything that needs to be done, and yet I don't feel like its going anywhere.


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I'm currently working on a project which is moving really slow... mainly because I haven't had time to do anything on it... hehe... and I even have a group of people (3-4 artists + 2 coders) willing to help out... I should get some more time within the next week or so...




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Yeah, I know what you mean.

Sometimes its the learning overhead.

Sometimes its just the scope of the project is really big and you need some more coders (if possible).

Sometimes its "scope creep" i.e. you or someone else keeps adding things so nothing gets to a completed state. Often here its a good idea to have a feature freeze until you've implemented the rest.

It can be a good idea to break things down into smaller iterations like

They say any one feature should not take more than three weeks. And build it so that the program is operational at the end of an iteration.

In a game for instance you may have an idea for ai controlled enemies wandering around a dungeon. Your iterations could be: no enemies, standing enemies, animated standing enemies, patterned enemies, ai enemies.

The other thing extreme programming emphasizes is never pre-optimize. Code it fast, make it work, then profile it, and optimize the slow areas.

Oh, and as I have said previously, have a plan, especially if you are like me and tend to over-architect.

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I have actively worked on a number of Open Source apps, but my updates are a lot more infrequent since going to University. It's a shame really, but always nice when I have a few hours to sit down and write some updates.

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