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Fake Tomb in Talpiot – warsong

Someone sent me an email article from goarch about the fake tomb that secular filmmakers try or need to present is a real tomb of Christ. Here is a Christian article about giving some explanation on why the Tomb is not what they present it to be. Secularists make it easy every day for us not to buy anymore of there products. I am not saying for you to boycott but I will since I try not to finance them to spread more fake propaganda, and the same goes for his friend the governator Arnold.

I would guess some are too busy to read all of the link so here are some short quotes. If you feel you can narrow it down to present it to weak Christians or secularists that don't know better then go ahead.
They say the new tomb is 1 out of 600 that it's not Christ. If they did an honest job then it would be the other way around or not likely.

"The filmmakers seemingly consider archaeological data as primary source of information while all the literary evidence should comply to their fanciful construal from bits and pieces."

"Yet, most of us working with ancient texts would agree that archeological findings are a secondary source that can only support the data gleaned from the texts. Regarding Jesus of Nazareth, the New Testament remains the only reliable source of information."

"The fact that this new tomb, offered by Joseph of Arimathea for Jesus' burial, was located in the same garden where Jesus was crucified fits quite well in the urgency with which Jesus' entombment occurred due to the legal constraints regarding the Sabbath day (John 19:41)."

"Jesus was not a wealthy individual to have a family tomb....a tomb of Jesus in Talpiot outside Jerusalem looks suspicious to say at the least."

"Jesus, son of Joseph" says Amos Kloner, one of the first archaeologists who excavated the Talpiot tomb, is quite common and may be found on several other ossuaries discovered through the years. Kloner calls the identification of "Yeshua" with Jesus the founder of Christian church a "nonsense.""
(or as another site said "Amos Kloner, who subsequently published the official report on the Talpiot excavation, maintained that the "possibility of it being Jesus' family [is] very close to zero."")

"an IAA special committee made up of experts in archaeology and epigraphy decided on June 15, 2003 that the inscription on James ossuary, "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus" is a forgery."

Filmmakers are silent on other important finding that will hurt there case.
Degraded DNA analyses have been tampered with and speculation that they are the couple is married.

Some silly Christian theologian professors seem to forget some basic information when they contradicted their claims. (1 Corinthians 15:51-53)"If Christ be not risen, then our preaching is vain, and your faith is also vain" (1 Corinthians 15:14). They put some atheists kissing Christians to debate them it seems.

The name Mara as they changed it to marry does not mean marry as the official transcripts have stated before.

"According to Eastern Orthodox tradition, Mary Magdalene accompanied the Theotokos and John the Evangelist to Ephesus, where she was a missionary. She died at Ephesus. Later, in the year 886 AD, her relics were moved to Constantinople."
Obviously other sects don't understand tradition so they won't have this recorded knowlage, but sadly many secularists love that most sects donít have a tradition which can be much more easily persuaded to modern secular views. As the saying goes divide and conquer. And Christ didnít want the church divided.

Many other reasons which is too long to explain from the article and there are other logical reasons why not said. Only a simple minded person would believe that the tomb is real and every time they find some thing they always try to use it against Christianity.

Too bad Christians don't constantly complain "like other middle east religions" over every insignificant thing to get there way and then maybe progress can be done. Also itís a shame that many Christians and are taken advantage of when they try to help others.

"It has become a rule for past several years that around Lent and Easter a controversy around Jesus' life and suffering would occur. If this year's Hollywood hoopla has something positive to offer it is to remind us about our own spiritual quest for Jesus."

"This passionate, proactive search, the search of the good Samaritan for his neighbor in need, should be done here on earth, not beneath, not even inside a dark ancient tomb hewn in the rock, but rather here on earth, among the least of Jesus' brothers and sisters whose dignity is daily menaced with erosion, and faith is under attack by human pride and insensitivity touching the untouchable, and genuine values are simply sullied by gold and vain fame seekers."

"Why do you seek the living one among the dead?"
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Various forms of 'Jesus' and 'Mary' were very common names in those times. For instance, 'Judas,' 'Judah,' and 'Jesua' all translate to the english 'Jesus.' I don't know many forms of 'Mary,' but I do know they were very common too.

It seems the more people try to disprove the truth of the Bible, the more they prove it. They should look into these things more before they show them to the world and say its over.

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As if a couple of unknown "scientists"(using the term very loosely) declaring that they found Jesus' tomb would change the beliefs of millions or billions of Christians.

The whole thing is a sham - isn't it a waste of time to even talk about it?



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We are commanded to be ready to give a reason for our faith, whether in season or out of season (prepared or not, I take that to mean). One way we can be ready to do that is to keep up (at least somewhat) on all the charlatans and shams that are mounted against Christ, so that we can calmly explain to those in doubt why the facts are as we know them to be and not as the charlatans claim.

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posted a forum topic on it a few weeks back, the group at Y-Zine ( a group that scientifically backs faith) disproved the claim the link is here enjoy


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Hey thanks for the link, it certainly provides valuable info. It's really sad that people actually believe these things. wow.. and the skeptics try so hard on TV to dramatize it to make it seem true. I pray that they too see the Light one day...

They will know that we are Christians by our love.



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yeah no lie----but it will be tough for them to see the light with a big dollar sign blocking the view---guess that is what Jesus meant when he said that it would be tougher for a rich person to get into Heaven than a camel to go through an eye of the needle--if money is your god then you aren't going to care about truth because it doesn't always pay financially--or atleast that is what a lot of people in the world believe.