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Two free multiplayer games we've found – HanClinto



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Hey all!

As I've talked about before, I'm very interested in finding and developing more multiplayer games -- simply because it's a great way to encourage fellowship (when so many other video games tend to single out people and keep them away from spending time with family and friends).

So imagine my surprise when my wife did some searching and uncovered not one, but two free multiplayer games! And one of them is cooperative multiplayer at that -- I was pretty excited to try them out.

The first game up for showcase is Gate 88. It's a retro-looking top-down space shooter that is described as an "action RTS". Imagine Asteroids, but then make it an RTS so that you have a command center to defend, you can research better weapons, have fighter and bomber squads to control, and even put up turrets to defend your base. It's definitely a game that's "different" and hard to get the hang of at first, but it's a very interesting experiment of a game and I've been getting a lot of ideas from playing it.
Download Gate88
Creator's Website, Queasy Games

The next game is called Triumph! War 2099. It's described as an "addictive action shooter of army-sized proportions." Jennifer and I had a really good time playing this one yesterday -- it's pretty fantastic. You can play it single-player, but really it's more fun with the more people you have (you can have up to 4 people fighting the bugs). I don't know where to download it from his site, but I was able to find it elsewhere, and I'm mirroring it on my site if anyone wants it.
Download Triumph! War 2099
Creator's website, Darksun Games (the guy also appears to be a Christian as well -- cool!)





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Hey, thanks for the links, Clint!

Downloading now.



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heard of that Gate 88. heard it's pretty cool. the War 2099 sounds fun too. so you shoot bugs or whatever?

Soldat's a fun one. . of course a lot of people on here have already heard of that. we tried to hold a tourney one time. but it fizzled. majorly.

that post was really cool ^
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Downloading Gate 88.

See ya'll online... unless... well, nvm, i'm downloading it on a mac.


Got both now. Somebody be online and play!

EDIT... AGAIN... Nv.m, ones windows only and I 'm using my stupid good-for-almsot-nothing mac.

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i am downloading thme both now.
thanks clinto

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