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Rabbi the star of new video game – BrianT



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wow. I'd totally play that.

warsong, bite me.

old skool adventure, now that's a good genre.
that game does look fun...

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I agree with Arch -- it actually looks like a surprisingly interesting game. It's always an interesting thing, to see how people integrate their worldviews into their games -- and I'm somewhat interested in seeing exactly how this game does it.

If they had a Mac build, I'm pretty sure I would get it.


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*Gasp for horror*


YOu have a mac too, Han!?!?!? What are we all, crazy!?!


Hmm... 8-bit pwnage... It seems good to me, but I'm not jewish and I don't think I would understand it all...

It acutally looks good, like its finally a (well, not a christan game but. err... religous) game without trying to jam in tones of weak stuff and pistol-whipping shotgun-blasting action (wait... I LIKE that action!)

Kudos to them!

yeah, im a little crazy
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I wish I had a Mac. (I wonder if TobyMac has one) Anyway, game looks good, but not to the quality of a commercial game.

MM out-
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So you want me to comment, is that why you call for me? lol
Fine I'll bite.
The game is like Roberta William's games like Kings Quest and it has outdated art, and it does not use newer art like Myst to have 3D which that game is over 10 years old. The game has a classical look but still has some following but people will not by a propaganda game like this. David's game axis is far better, so why isn't that on the news like CNN?

it says
"Rabbi Stone must solve the mystery behind a large gift of money."
This reminds me of "the junk bond king" Michel, you know the guy that stole billions in the stock market and gave some to Jewish communities and synagogues and the rabbi says he is a good Jew. lol The reason is because the ends justify the means for them, while in Christianity it's the means that justify the end which many Christianity do not even like. But those kinds of actions would be bad if someone stole from other and gave it to a Christian church since giving money you after stealing it isn't virtuous since the person didn't work hard for it but others did and that person took it away. Odd that they call him a philanthropist. Obviously he kept a big portion of the money that he stole the media praises him since crime pays. lol Its odd how they play down how he robbed for many obvious reasons.

All the small time crooks in prison that have longer sentences all together don't add up to the amount he stole and served 2 years in prison, and it did help that he used the money he stole to pay for high price lawyers. So remember small crime doesn't pay, big crime pays a lot. That guy made more money in a short time than anyone in history from corruption and donates a percentage of the money and knows the right people and he is free to use the rest of the money he stole lol Corruption is big in NY, I should know I live here. lol They help make more Robber barons and make the rich get richer, which many Christians are not on that list. It's not just him itís the chain reaction of other rich criminals he helped that stole and destroyed companies which many millions people poor.

James Stewart book talks about the corruption and the lawyer Alan Dershowitz attacks him and uses anti-Semitism for his argument so that Milken doesn't have a big jail time. To win cases in NY it's who you know not what you know, and all the judges are corrupt and there have been many news articles about them if you want to read them.

"Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Martin Siegel, and Dennis Levine will long be remembered for the Wall Street insider trading scandals of the 1980s." All non Christians and all have done criminal es-Brewer-Stewart/dp/0517104385/sr=8-1/qid=1166118001/ref=sr_1_1/104-1963482-5512742?ie=UTF8&s=books

Connie Bruck published The Predator's Ballabout Milken and his friends and they accuse her of anti-Semitism even though she is Jewish. Lol

"If I point out that 9 out of 10 people involved in street crime are Blacks, that's an interesting sociological observation. If I point out that 9 out of 10 people involved in securities indictments are Jewish, that is an anti-Semitic slur. I cannot sort the difference."
Michael Thomas "money" columnist for the New York Observer (novel Hanover Place)

"From the standpoint of Jews, the unfortunate fact is that many of the most prominent of the Wall Street bad guys just happened to be Jewish.

If Stewart is guilty of anything," wrote Allen Sloan of Newsday, "it's breaking the Cohen Rule when dealing with ethnic groups. It's only safe to identify a person ethnically or racially in a positive context ... Down deep we all understand the rules. But these rules shackle journalists and muffle the truth. They amount to censorship ... By blasting Stewart (a full page ad, for crying out loud!) for doing nothing more than stating the truth, Dershowitz has attempted to discredit his reporting by besmirching his character -- and, in the process, making Milken seem a victim of religious bigotry. Dershowitz's accusations, beside the point and below the belt, is a form of scapegoatism that comes perilously close to what it purportedly condemns." LOL What a stupid unchristian rule. Some people use that silly rule here despite that it is not a Christian things and goes against Christianity. The quote is from a bias unchristian side quoting the news. What you think the news will say the truth? lol
The problem is that most don't know what is going on which is why things should be talked about and why the founding fathers of the US said freedom of speech to look for the truth and not use it to pointlessly curse and insult for stand up jokes and have propaganda on TV, new, games like that, etc.

As for the story in the game it's silly since anonymous gifts are supposed to be anonymous. And the story is ridicules compared to real and propaganda. You don't like what I say too bad go read the news.

If people want a good quality adventure game plenty of free games that are abandon-ware online. You can even play newer games like metal gear solid off your PC.
Sierra and Lucas arts make good Graphic adventure games which have a little bit more Christian content than that game.
Get the home brew version which is online somewhere which has updated art, sound, and controls.

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*shakes head in amazement*

Arch, you asked for it.



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haha. and loving every second.

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