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Who needs a PS3 when you can have an Xbox360 LAPTOP. – warsong

Yes it is real, but not officially from M$. lol

Some guy made it including a portable version of all popular game systems like the PS2, N64, all the way to Atari.
Stats of other systems and how to make it on the side But I think it’s not worth it.

I heard that some people lost their jobs and canceled their wedding so they can get it they say it came out. I would guess none of them try to follow the Christian theme of “patience is of a virtue”. I think the PS3 will not do well but seeing how people have become obsessed with bad games then we are in trouble lol. I think the PS2 when it came out and the PS3 should have been over 4 times the price so that they can make some money from it than loosing money form the system to mainly gain money form the games, and I bet people would buy it for that much. Look online and see that some are selling the ps3 for over $2,000. The better games will come out much later anyway and the prices will be less. I guess it’s a status thing.

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ha that looks pretty cool.

what do you mean 'when it comes out'?

he custom makes them for customers.

that post was really cool ^
[|=D) <---|| me

I was talking about the PS3 when that comes out.

He gives blue prints on how others can make it but I would guess that will not be easy for many even with the blue prints since many things can go wrong.

her says
"Those interested in persuading me to build another are free to email and ask, but beware of sticker shock. You could always buy my book and become a modder yourself!

Sub-final note to answer some FAQ's: The unit cost about $1200 to build in materials and CNC machine time. "

lol If you do get it tell us all about it.

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