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Ok I want to bring up promoting hte name of Christ - in a way that for some reason - my heart just will not let go.

I would like to see the name of Christ listed on the top 100 teams list for

It's a program that uses distributed networking to better understand some pretty major diseases.

To make it interesting you can pick a team name and the top 100 are listed.

The team in 100th place has 77 cpu's working for it. A team with the name of Christ has 59. - Christian Discussion Forums

I'm not a Baptists although I agree and support alot of what they stand for.

So I guess I'm asking - ok challenging you download this program

Join team 47603

and let's see if we can get the name of Christ on the first page let the world know we care.



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Sounds like this doesn't take much work . I also think it would be great to see Christ's name in the >=100ths place.

(Ubuntu/Kubuntu users can go to, to set up Folding@Home)

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