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I have a fairly old JVC GR-DVF11U camera that has 4 pin firewire out, but my computer has no firewire in. So I bought a Firewire to USB converter cable, but now the computer doesn't "recognize the usb device". So that isn't working. I am doing all this so I can transfer video from the mini-dv tapes to my computer and encode them in windows media format.

I have found really cheap firewire cards on, do you think getting one would solve my problems?

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I imagine that one of those would be your best bet -- though you may want to check the reviews on Newegg or reviews on a site like epinions to make sure that those "really cheap" cards actually function well.




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Firewire and USB are compleatly different. USB transfers data in packets and Firewire transfers data in a stream (thus why all digital video cameras use it). Hopefuly the cable you got didn't fry the firewire interface on the camera, seeing as both can cary power and probably do so on different pins.

Firewire 400 (6pin) is an older standard and runs a little slower than USB 2.0. Thanks to this the card as cheap as can be and should work fine. You will then only need a 4pin to 6pin cable and you are good to go as far as IO. If you want the newer Firewire 800 standard (8pin) as well you can probably get a combo card for a bit more. Curently only external hard drives use it though. Hope you can get it all working. Jeff